Focus on hydration, softening wrinkles, increasing elasticity, collagen production

A.M./P.M. (bundle here)

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You may also think it’s a good idea to add two additional products just to stay on top of discoloration and fine lines.

One of the ingredients that are really going to speak to your skin in this routine are Argireline. (Acetyl hexapeptide-8). This peptide helps us reduce expression wrinkles, and it also works to soften muscle contractions and relax them after an expression.  A bit like Botox.  This can be found in our Tighten+Glow, which makes this product like a liquid serum.  The other fabulous ingredient that is like a Ferrari when it comes to anti-aging is DAP Tripeptide 33.  This novel peptide has been shown to actively prevent UV damage and guard against photo-aging.  It can be found in our Deep Hydration Gel Balm along with Beta Glucan, a gentle member of the mushroom family that also protects you from whatever climate elements you may be facing.  In our Brilliance Vitamin C Oil you will find Teprenone— another mind-blowing active that works on age spots, hydration and overall tissue quality.  These actives combined with the equally busy botanicals make this routine your standard of care for your skin.  The Bakuchiol and Retinol in our Deep Refining Cream are important to get on your skin every few days just to give it a little wake up call and drill down on skin tone, dark spots and wrinkles.

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