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Black Friday With 25% Off Our Love

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Thank you to everyone who has become a customer!  We (Alicia, me, Jay and more distantly the chemists....) love you.  So-- we decked the Gift Shop out for the holidays with easy, grab-and-go gifts that are as gorgeous as you could possibly want.  Now here's a 25% promo just for that collection.

Or just use Black Friday.

Reach out to me with ANY special shopping needs, hopes, desires.... special scents, and I'll do my best to make it, find it, bring it....

We can private label a gift or two for your gift list. Your product, your label. We'll wrap it and send it... with a gift card... because I always wanted to grow up and be a concierge.

Weightless: For the toe of a stocking, I highly recommend Weightless Body Oil Spray. It's in a cute little Boston Bottle with a beautiful label.

And Innocence? As of Monday, that's not going to have a promo, evah, because it's supporting the California Innocence Project-- both at Loyola Law School and at California Western School of Law.  Yay.  It's the most divine body butter.

Sugar-Be-Good:  The body scrub of my dreams.  I live for my shower and taking care of my dry arms and legs. Then, when I come prancing out of the shower, as one does, I spray on the Weightless Body Oil, and slather on Innocence.  I might be old, but my skin is hydrated.

Barb's Body Lotion: What goes under the tree or beside the menorah like a small bottle of wine? Barb's Body Lotion. It has so many anti-aging extras and extracts and actives in it, the skin of your body will think it died and went to heaven. It's actually our best seller.  

Okay, gotta go.  Happy?

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