Does Size Matter?

Does Size Matter?

The product on the left is an ounce.  So is the product on the right.  As a micro-indie, if we had to purchase that lovely bottle on the left-- it would add a lot to our price and would increase shipping costs hugely.  I'd rather take the fancy-bottle money and put a few more grams of the good stuff in a simple bottle.  Product talks.  

Active ingredients are expensive, (not like a new heart... but still), and we like to buy a lot of the absolute best and use it generously.  But you can understand that it did take a minute to get over ourselves and go with high-quality plastic.  

That's another thing.  We don't have a celebrity, and that keeps our costs low (so does having minimal overhead and indie chemists).  But each of our friends is a celebrity in their own world.  Thanks Kate and Deb and Gail and Robin and Katie and Connie and Vivian and Denise and and and....

Anyhoo-- that's us.  We're here.  Just Us.  


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