How To Layer

How To Layer

A new shipment of skincare usually gives us a feeling of elation and excitement! But then it is quickly followed by the panic of -- "wait, when and how do I put these on correctly????"

Fear not! We have a few rules of thumb that we tend to live by when it comes to layering product:

  • Fresh face is always the way to begin any routine... morning or night. (note: it is not necessary to cleanse in the morning if you did the evening before... just a simple splash of tepid water will do!)
  • Mists/toners first
  • Gels and serums before creams
  • Oils can go before or after creams -- or sometimes we love to blend our oils together with our creams for something truly luxurious

Now... to wait or not to wait? A simple pat and pause usually works for us :)

But the reality? It's pretty hard to make a mistake. Enjoy and just play!




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