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Our Cleanser

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It wasn’t the sexiest thing to make. I even thought about not making a cleanser at all. I had tried the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM), thinking we’d go with that, but it wasn’t really me. I respected the principle, but I still liked some lather. Then one day while giving Piglet aka Winnie her daiIy drenching, I started thinking, “What if we could have both? Oil and suds? A creamy, emollient, makeup dissolving experience?” So I started messing around with cleansing oils and cleansing gels with Pro Vitamin B5 to keep it good for sensitive skin. Our simple little cleanser took months. Many rejects.  Lots of clean guinea pigs. Anyhoo-- If you want to keep on using what you use, go for it. But if you want a really great $24 cleanser that feels like it just walked out of Saks and smells like sweet almonds, give ours a whirl.

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