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There is new collection on the home page. And here it is.  Why? Because we (I) have many, many ingredients here at the Just Us Skin Care H.Q.  Like a lot.  Little bottles of actives from France and Spain and oils from Brazil and Africa. And extracts from Ireland and the sea. So I can make many iterations of products as needed. When friends come by, we might sit and talk, and I might mix something especially for their skin. I tried to duplicate that fun, friend experience using the video platform, Zoom, with some new friends in Chicago and New Jersey-- and that worked just fine. I was able to make customized products just for them.  In fact-- it is the one part of the business I will never give up. If there is something that you need, please reach out. We can set up a Zoom video call.  It's like distance happy hour. If I can't make a product that you need, I can probably source it for you. Email me:

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