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The Good Frat Boy

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Every few years, a kid came through Young Angels of America (the non-profit I co-founded), and I’d wonder what on earth would become of him. In this case, the kid’s name was Evan Clark. He was an athlete. He was handsome. He was a handful. And he was social. Very. You never knew with a kid like that. They could go either way. But the thing about Evan Clark was that he had a good family, and he was dependable.

I kept track of him from time to time on Facebook, but he didn’t really use it. I figured he’d either exploded or was on his way to bootstrapping a startup. Then, after two years, just when I’m figuring out the best way to get exposure for my new skin care line, the phone rings. It’s Evan Clark. And he’s asking for a favor.

Because I happened to have been talking to the universe about doing some kind of a promo/philanthropy thing with sororities, I’m listening. Maybe I was supposed to do something with a frat. I assumed Evan had gone Greek. He had. Kappa Sigma.

Could I help him with the frat’s philanthropy project? Uh, yeah, and I told him about Just Us Skin Care. The frat is fundraising for Military Heroes, which oversees the Veterans Moving Forward program. They raise and train service dogs for wounded veterans. He had me at “dog.”

The whole idea of Young Angels is to teach young people about philanthropy and entrepreneurship. And just like that, it was like the old days when Evan was in high school working on some scheme to sell the most tickets to the dance, or trying to convince me that an after-party was a good idea.

We texted back and forth until we got the promo right. Just Us Skin Care is donating 20% of the Kappa Sigma sales to Military Heroes, and Evan being Evan, made it mandatory to participate.

The promo started when my phone beeped with a sale to someone I didn’t know.(So far, every order has been to someone I know personally.) Wow, I thought, it looks like Evan Clark is really going to do this. Then my phone started pulsating with orders from Atlanta and Park Ave. and towns I’ve never heard of all across the country, and just like that, my little, baby business blew up.

I enlisted my daughter to help with the packing, and every time we wrapped tissue paper around a product, I thought of the person who had placed the order and how he or she was connected to a good frat boy, and how great it was that Evan Clark hadn’t exploded. Evidently, there is such a thing as a good frat boy, quite a few of them apparently... in Boulder, and that is very good news.

Here’s the link if you want to purchase with a purpose. Every order gets an extra, free product because we are soooo excited. Go, Evan, Go.'s

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