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The Good News

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Got the product liability insurance. Got the LLC. Thank you Legal Zoom.  Thank you lawyer husband. Now all I have to figure out is the labels, and the e-commerce platform. And if I could have 25 of every container I need in the same place at the same time, that would be bliss. And the shipping thingy. I attached Ship Station to the site, and I have a human who says she'll help. 

Please do not let me interact with Alibaba alone again late at night when China is open. It hurts my brain.

In other good news, I figured out how to make a dog balm that's good for hot spots. I'm very into making balms. And there's safety in formulating for dogs. I honestly didn't know what a balm was until I was making a whipped butter and had to run out before I got to the whipping part. When I came home, voila-- balm. Or blam, which is a much better word. Watch this site for dog blam.

In the middle of hoisting all these moving parts, an actual person yesterday wanted to place an actual order. So I stopped and actually made the products-- which won't always be true. Right now, I make everything and then it goes to the proper chemist and her adorable lab who may say something like, "You can't put that much retinol on humans," or "What a concept."

I just need to start-- to flip the switch-- to conquer my FOMAM, Fear of Making a Mistake.  Soon.  

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