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Why Do We Use Plastic?

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How can we consider selling our Save the Ocean Lotion in plastic when there's so much plastic in our oceans?  We'll probably sell it in glass is the answer, but do know that all the plastic we use is PET or reclaimed plastic/  Aside from how much less expensive it is to ship, here's why we use it:

"Reusing fabricated plastic materials to make them available for further industrial processing can result in cost savings, reduced energy consumption, and lower environmental impact. Reclaimed plastic can be used to manufacture products such as packaging, plastic lumber, furniture, and a range of composite materials. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is one of the most commonly recycled polymer resins, and it is used for manufacturing synthetic fibers and plastic containers including bottles. Over a million tons of PET materials are reclaimed each year and resold to manufacturers worldwide.  More here...
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