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Arsenal Anti-Aging System

Welcome to Just Us and to the Arsenal System!

The concept is that of a palette.  All necessary ingredients are contained between the cleanser and the night cream.  Each product can stand alone-- but it’s worth spending a few minutes every morning and night to do the routine. That way, the actives, oils and botanicals you need will be layered and working together.

Having a routine causes you to stop for a few minutes and look at yourself-- maybe ask yourself how you are doing.  The result will be that your skin will reflect the light and your inner light as well. There's nothing wrong with aging, but there is something off when you take better care of your dog than your skin.

No matter what we do to it-- fill it, paralyze it... or ignore it-- we are only given one skin.  It's the only one we have. 


  1. Creamy Cleanser or Glycolic Cleanser.
  2. Fine Line+Tightening Glow Mist - Spray on your face and let dry for a minute.  The proteins, sugars, ferments, lactic acid.... and peptides are there to make you glow.
  3. Marine Eye Cream - Below the brow.  Under the eye.  Not too close to your actual eye.  The warmth of your skin will travel the cream.   
  4. Everyday Q10+Matrixyl Serum - Pump and apply - let it sink in.  Here are the botanicals and extracts and the classic anti-aging active, Matrixyl. Think of it as skin food.  Feel free to use a bit on your arms, and back of your hands. 
  5. Fine Line Kakadu Plum Day Cream - This is where you get the anti-oxidants-- the Vitamin C, the deep moisture of plum, and the right oils for the day. Use one little pump for your face, and one for your neck.


  1. Cleanse once with the Creamy Cleanser to remove your makeup, and once with the Glycolic Cleanser for a quick exfoliation.
  2. Fine Line+Tightening Glow Mist - same as above.
  3. Marine Eye Cream - same as above.
  4. Everyday Q10+Matrixyl Serum - same as above.
  5. Active Botanical Restorative Oil - use before or after night cream. This blend of the oils includes acai, buriti, raspberry, cranberry, carrot, pomegranate and so many more all chosen to help your skin stay elastic and bright. You can use this as part of your morning routine, if you wish, or save for your evening routine.  You can use it before your day cream or after, or even instead.
  6. Deep Wrinkle Night Cream - Apply to face and neck.  

Go to sleep. Wake Up. Do something memorable. Stay in the joy.