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60+ Night Cream

Our deep wrinkle night cream is sensational... and you should def use that if you a normal, regular, aging person under 55.  HOWEVER, like any true skin addict especially one that is headed for very big birthdays, one always wants more-- especially Barb, Deb and Kate... and me.  SO-- the night cream I've been making for those of us who have that ultra fragile, thin skin is in a base that begins with silk peptides and also contains Edelweiss extract, tamanu oil, Wrinkle Fix (an actual active product) and Actifol (a product made from mushrooms) as well as extra Tripeptide 5 because that's one that's so good at wrinkles.  It also has an additional 3% of Matrixyl because we are getting on in age.  There is also borage oil, provitamin B5, bisabolol and extra tomato lycopan, which is from the carrot oil family, and other stuff depending on your skin.  I make it to order, and it's not cheap-- but I always make extra, so it's never just 1 oz.  If you want it, we'll have a little convo to see what your skin needs and take it from there. 1 oz.