Blemish Control Routine

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For blemishes, many people view oil as a villain. However, to best tackle active and past blemishes, you need exfoliation, redness repair, scar reduction and more than anything, antibacterial and antifungal forward ingredients.

TIGHTEN+GLOW. REFINING MIST. The bacillus ferment in this mist encourages natural, gentle exfoliation to minimize scarring while the niacinamide helps to blur out skin imperfections.

MAX ACTIVE. BLEMISH ROLLER. An intense salicylic acid forward-formulation to target spots directly.

CALM. REDNESS RELIEF CREAM. This cream filled with oats, carrots, green tea and mango, helps to calm red and irritated skin. The undisputed hero of this cream is acetyl tetrapeptide-40, specifically designed to reduce facial redness.

RESTORE+REPAIR. RAINFOREST OIL SERUM. A blend of antibacterial and antifungal rainforest oils relied upon in the amazon to cure all manners of skin ailments.


Control. Glycolic Cleanser. (or cleanser of your choice)
Tighten+Glow. Refining Mist. Mist on two-three spritzes and pat in.
Max Active Roller ball. Apply directly onto blemish.
Calm. Redness Relief Cream. Apply a small amount to your face. No need to avoid the T-Zone.


Glycolic Cleanser. Glycolic Cleanser
Tighten+Glow. Mist on two-three spritzes and pat in.
Restore+Repair Oil Serum. Warm a few drops in the palm of your hand and press onto face.
Deep Refining with Retinol+Bakuchiol. Massage a bit into your face. (You may want to alternate with Calm Cream on the other nights.

In a rush? Just make sure you keep your face clean and massage a bit of the Rain Forest Repair Oil in before you go dashing out.

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Focus on prevention of blemishes, healing of blemishes, proper hydration and protection and balancing the skin’s microbiome