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Looking for the perfect holiday gift? The special -- for the holiday only -- mix and match set features two products of your choice. Any two for a special price.  

Choose two of the following (yes, you can double up!):

  • Transform. Active Nourishment Gel.
  • Tighten+Glow. Refining Mist Serum.
  • Restore+Repair. Rainforest Oil Serum. 
  • Deep Hydration. Softening Mist.
  • Smooth Glow. Oil Spray. 
  • Hydrate 2.0. Lotion Spray. 

Packaged in a box, ready to share as a present for a loved one -- or just for yourself.  

IMPORTANT: Include which two products you would like in the notes section of your order. 

Include any combination of the below two products:

Restore+Repair. Rainforest Oil Serum. Featuring acai, borage, tamanu + bakuchiol. This oil serum is what we like to call a "fixer". It tackles irritation, blemishes, redness, overall skin texture, insect bites and lot more.

Smooth Glow. Oil Spray. Featuring argan, acai + jojoba. This multi-talented player is a glow-maker, defrizzer, detangler, beard groomer, cuticle softener + paw protector.

Deep Hydration. Softening Mist. Featuring quinoa, coconut, calendula + spirulina. This mist restores lost luminosity with a botanical blend of moisturizers, humectants and proteins to supplement the skin’s natural hydration elements.

Tighten+Glow. Refining Mist. Featuring bacillus ferment, neroli + niacinamide. This serum mist helps to minimize the appearance of dehydration and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dryness and overall dullness.

Hydrate 2.0. Spray Lotion. Featuring Jojoba, Aloe + Rose., with special guest star, buah merah. This body (or face) spray is the next generation of care for your skin. It delivers a surge of moisture boosting properties to help support, soften and revive your skin. The powerful antioxidants, clarifying neroli and skin wonder jojoba help renew, rejuvenate and smooth the skin.

Transform. Active Nourishment Gel Serum. Featuring hyaluronic acid, buriti oil + peptides. A five-course meal for your skin, this serum acts as anti-ager, antioxidant, collagen booster, tightener + skin brightening agent.

Layer as desired.

See each product listing for ingredients.

Pre-mature aging, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dehydration

All climates