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Dehydration is when you are lacking water in your skin... it happens when you change temperatures, intake less water, travel, exercise. This routine has been selected to combat the most common stressors of trans epidural water loss (TEWL).

DEEP HYDRATION. SOFTENING MIST. A deeply hydrating and softening mist with an exclusive blend of botanicals including chamomile, cucumber and calendula, chosen for their moisturizing properties.

DEEP HYDRATION. GEL BALM. A hyaluronic acid based gel plussed up with plum oil, oat emollient and beta glucan that helps to restore lost hydration.

META. ULTIMATE TX CREAM. Fast absorbing, lightweight oils and butters combine to replump distressed skin.

REPLENISH. HYDRATING BALM. Rainforest beauty go-to babassu combines with borage and cupuacu butter to improve the skins barrier and decrease water loss.


Supreme Clean. Cleansing Balm. (or cleanser of your choice)
Deep Hydration Softening Mist. Mist a couple of sprays and pat in.
Deep Hydration. Gel Balm. Apply a generous layer.
Meta. Ultimate Tx Cream. Apply on face, neck, chest.
Condition. Rainforest Repair Balm. Apply a very small amount to cheeks, neck, under eyes and massage into skin.
In a Hurry? T+G, Condition

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