Small-Batch, Highly-Active, Mission-Driven

Restoration Anti-Wrinkle Body Spray

Crepe paper does not belong on your arms or legs, ever.  It belongs in your wrapping drawer with your party supplies.  This spray contains an active deep-wrinkle complex-- the same one we use in our night cream-- and it's mixed with a soothing, proprandiol-laced body lotion.  Why should the actives only be found in the face products? 

The idea is that this bottle should remain close by at all times so when you find yourself leaving the car, and you look down and your arms look like a relief map or your legs look like you walked through the ashes in your fire place, you can simply aim your Restoration Spray at the problem, and viola-- your skin will drink it in without becoming oily or gross-- and you will stop worrying about your flappy arms and elephant knees. 4 oz.