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Bridal Glow Kit

What could be more fun than personalized deliciousness?  From a velvety body cream, to a signature lip gloss, to a super rich body lotion, we can make you great gifts for the shower, the engagement party or the day of.

There are many options.  One of our special favorites for weddings is our "Glow Kit," which includes a sugar shea body scrub with a matching body oil spray.  We guarantee that if the bridal party uses this combo for two weeks before the wedding, everyone will be hydrated and glowing on the day of.

Minimum of 10 pieces

Sugar Shea Scrub $26

Lip Gloss $15

Body Butter Cream $31

Body Oil Spray $24

Cooling Body Mist $23

Body Lotion $31

Wrapping available.

Does not include shipping.

Please contact to schedule an appointment.