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Tamanu Tidings

Tamanu Tidings. Anti-Everything Oil Serum. Don’t let this little bottle fool you, Tamanu Tidings is a powerhouse of a serum. With heavy hitting ingredients including tamanu, pomegranate, cranberry and acai, this packs a punch. 

Two oils dominate this formula. The first, Tamanu, or “green gold,” is a dark green healing all star with a new fatty acid that is unique to this oil. It is a strong anti-inflammatory and a healing agent and absorbs deeply into all three layers of the skin. Then it goes about rapidly regenerating new cells. The second is Pomegranate Oil. Rich and elegant and boasting the almost unique punicic acid. It helps cells repair, increases elasticity and heals sun and weather damage. 

Anti-aging, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, this serum holds some of the oldest secrets for great skin -- a true gift in a bottle.

Used together with Merry Mango, you can actually see bumps reduce, plumpness happen, and smoothness emerge.

Tamanu Tidings: $48, 1 oz