Ultimate Glow. By Chelsea Nicole.

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A special collaboration with Chelsea Nicole. Makeup & Hair. 

This trio hydrates, soothes, repairs, regenerates and relaxes. Equally perfect for special occasion moments (just feel the stress melt away as the glow arises) and everyday radiance. This special pack is a $150 value and comes with its own travel train case, body+lip balm and some fun extras!

This collection features:

Illuminate. Body, Face+Hair Oil Spray. Glow from head to toe with this rainforest rich, hydrating, luminous-making oil spray. 50ml.

Indulge. Body+Face Cream. Smooth, hydrating, repairing and just simply delicious. 4oz.

Recharge. Body+Face Mist. A little spritz goes a long way for the face, body and spirit. Take a deep breath, relax+enjoy. 50ml.

The kit also comes with a special Beauty Balm!

Spray oil spray lightly on body, chest, face and even on hair as a non-greasy finisher and glow maker.

Mist can be applied 3 to 6 inches away from face before, during and after make-up application. Also nice to use as a refresh throughout your day or special event.

Body and face cream is the perfect base to start an every day or special look.

Enjoy a calm and beautiful day!

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These products hydrate, replenish, refresh, repair and relax.