Wet Climate Routine

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Our favorite 4-product routine to address dry+cold climates. 

TIGHTEN+GLOW. REFINING MIST. This serum (disguised as a mist) helps to minimize the appearance of dehydration and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dryness and overall dullness. Equally at home on sensitive, aging and blemished skin, Tighten+Glow offers a mild exfoliation (thank you, Bacillus Ferment) and a healthy dose of acetyl hexapeptide-3 (a peptide known for its ability to regulate skin tightening properties and helping the skin to look firm and tight). The neroli floral water is a pleasure unto itself. With daily use, the appearance of superficial facial lines, wrinkles and age spots can be minimized and your softened, glowing skin will be at peace. (2oz)

TRANSFORM. ACTIVE NOURISHMENT SERUM. A multi-functional wonder, Transform truly nourishes through its innovative blend of botanical extracts and vitamin C and revives with a potent brew of peptides. A five-course meal for your skin, this serum acts as anti-ager, anti-oxidant, collagen booster, tightener + skin brightening agent. Talengyn helps to reduce that rude redness that keeps trying to show up. Say goodbye to fine lines, sun and pollution damage, redness, uneven skin tone and hello to a bright and dewy glow. Good for sensitive skin and for those of us who put our skin through the daily ringer. (30ml/1oz)

META. ULTIMATE TX CREAM. Rich with oils and butters from the rain forest, Meta lusciously blends reparative botanicals, like tamanu, with classic anti-aging peptides and niacinamide. It hydrates, creates elasticity, brightens, protects and feels like the butters it’s imbued with (and it looks like it too). It has a special punch of bakuchiol, which is natures original retinol (address fine lines, tone and texture). Just what you need, no matter where the world takes you. (50ml/1.69oz)

RESTORE+REPAIR. RAINFOREST OIL SERUM. Special blend of soothing, calming and redness reducing properties. Because we are all a bit sensitive every now and again. (30ml/1oz)


Supreme Clean (or cleanser of your choice)
Tighten+Glow. Refining Mist. Mist a couple of sprays and pat in.
Transform. Active Nourishment Gel. A few pumps to nourish.
Meta. Ultimate Tx Cream. Apply on face, neck, chest.
Restore+Repair. Apply as part of evening routine.

See individual products.

Focus on softening, increasing elasticity, and soothing.