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About Us

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JustUs is inspired by global ingredients (and our customers!). We craft complex blends of the best of world ingredients to create meaningful skincare products. Our small-batch products are highly active and crafted to work hard, often serving more than a single purpose. Our line is developed with conscientiousness to our skin, the environment and to the causes we serve. 

Founder's Story:

Just Us Skin Care happened after I had grown weary of toiling in the non-profit sector and selling high-end, anti-aging skin care products at the same time.  My best friend, Barbara, had become weary of spending so much $ on products she said were all too "waxy." 

She came up with the idea that I should figure out how to make products for "Just Us." 

I knew what we wanted.  Vitamin C and retinol and lactic acid and glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid and botanicals and oils and peptides.  And I wanted as much as could possibly be jammed into daily products.  I wasn't looking for complicated, I was looking for powerful and rich and decadent....  About as easy to find as love. I wasn't looking for a business.

But still... I started playing with ingredients and began a serum-making course and sourced brilliant ingredients (Raspberry oil! Encapsulated retinol!) and bought cute jars and asked questions.

Right after that, I met a young, independent cosmetic chemist with his own lab who now helps me take concepts from experiments at my home lab table to real-life products in bottles and jars. I learned more in the first four months of this business about chemistry then I've learned in my whole life.  If someone told me in high school that I could make money mixing and making and selling skin care, I would have been the first one in class.

The concept of this line is to spread actives and botanicals and oils across the product spectrum.  Barbara and I were used to doing a routine, spending a couple of minutes A.M. and P.M. making sure our skin got seriously good stuff. 

So I made us a bunch of basic products, which Barbara took to a family reunion in the New Mexico desert, and all of her 5 siblings used all of the products I had made and ordered the entire "line," as if there were an actual line-- as if I were still selling skin care.  Never one to say "no," to an order, I made 5 of everything, which took four solid days, and off they went.  Barbara (did I mention she is an amazing artist) drew a Just Us logo, for fun. That was all it was.

Then I mentioned what I was doing at the dog park, and my friend Kate, (mother of the Golden Walter), put together a focus group-- all dog moms from the dog park.  And people started buying things-- handing me cash at the dog park-- hanging around my car....  But I kept saying, "It's not a business.  It's just for my friends."

Then one day, my husband, Jay, found a wad of cash in my bathroom drawer, and I confessed I’d been “dabbling” in skin care, and maybe selling a little at the dog park. He suggested I make Just Us an actual business, (he actually insisted), and because the Universe is an even friendlier place, and he's a lawyer, he said he'd take on the business side....

So now it's real. 

There have been some epic fails, mostly having to do with Shea butter and lactic acid and ordering bottles from China.  There are on-going detective bits, like how does a startup get her hands on the really high-end anti-aging "science" actives.  But there is an indie beauty industry out there, a small one, that makes it possible to buy the very best actives and components in sizes appropriate for small batches.  Think micro-brewery. Thank you to the vendors in the Pacific North West and Canada and the UK. Love you.

We are tiny.  Batches are currently no more than 25-50 at a time.  If you find them out of stock, they will be back. 

Our biggest challenge is convincing people that even though our prices are mid-range, our product line is top drawer.  Being small allows us to completely ex-out the warehouse, the bricks and mortar, the outside fulfillment.  For now. Yay. 

We hope our little arsenal of treats works for you, and if there is something special you need, some brilliant idea you have for a product, just let me know.

That's it.  For now.

Yours in peace,

Brook Dougherty

Ingredient + Sourcing Policy

Our products are never tested on animals. They are formulated without artificial colors, parabans, formaldehyde,  petrolatum or ingredients that cause irritation, disrupt hormones or cause cancer. Ingredients are organic where available. Fragrances are either our botanicals, essential oils or scents produced without phthalates. Our products are either made by us in Pacific Palisades, California, or we have sourced them with deep diligence from small-batch makers, and these we bring to you with joy. With the exception of a few products that utilize bee's wax, our products are vegan.  

The vendors with whom we work follow clean farming and/or formulating practices and produce their ingredients or products in as responsible a manner as possible.   

With regard to packaging, all of our materials are as environmentally friendly as available for us to purchase, including our little plastic bags and our bubble wrap.  Our bottles are jars are PET plastic, which means they won't cause harm. We go to a lot of trouble to find the best materials to work with so you can know that when you open one of our products that there is only goodness inside.

Here's what's not in out products.