Small-Batch, Highly-Active, Mission-Driven

About Us

Just Us Skin Care from Brook Dougherty on Vimeo.

JustUs is inspired by global ingredients, science and our customers.  We craft complex formulations of plant-based ingredients and actives to create small-batch, high-performance products. 

Founder, Brook Dougherty, began JustUs following a five-year stint selling anti-aging skincare to support Young Angels Network, her beloved non-profit.

Her friend, artist Barbara Schwan, suggested she learn to make products for "Just Us," because she was having difficulty finding products that could deeply hydrate her skin.

Heading back to on-line school for budding chemists and formulators, Dougherty knew what she wanted.  Vitamin C and retinol and lactic acid and glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid and botanicals and oils and peptides.  She began playing with ingredients and enrolled in serum-making courses.  She learned to source oils and butters from around the world.

She followed formulas and began making skin care for her friends, building up quite a following at her local dog park.  When Dougherty's husband, Jay, found a wad of cash in her bathroom drawer, he suggested it was time to turn Just Us into an actual business.

Dougherty joined forces with Evelyn Sprigg, a long-time beauty industry pro who was looking for a new company to build.  Then a veteran chemist joined the team, and they began to create a product line that would provide "Everything you need for your skin to succeed."

JustUs is in its infancy.  Batches are currently no more than 25-50 at a time.  When products are out of stock, they do come back.

Products are either made by us in Indio, California, or by an FDA-licensed organic lab.  With the exception of a few products that utilize bee's wax, our products are vegan.  For Dougherty, her favorite part of the business is creating handmade custom blends by request for individual clients.  Her special love is targeted balms, serums and oil blends. (

Author of the memoir, Nothing To Write Home About, Dougherty supports victims of domestic violence and invites you to reach out with requests for skincare consultations and your own stories. 

Ingredient + Sourcing Policy

Our products are never tested on animals. They are formulated without artificial colors, parabans, formaldehyde,  petrolatum or ingredients that cause irritation, disrupt hormones or cause cancer. Ingredients are organic where available. Fragrances are either our botanicals, essential oils or scents produced without phthalates. 

The vendors with whom we work follow clean farming and/or formulating practices and produce their ingredients or products in as responsible a manner as possible.   

With regard to packaging, all of our materials are as environmentally friendly as available for us to purchase, including our little plastic bags and our bubble wrap.  Our bottles are jars are glass or PET plastic, which means they won't cause harm. We go to a lot of trouble to find the best materials to work with so you can know that when you open one of our products that there is only goodness inside.

Here's what's not in out products.