3 jobs. 1 cream.

face. eyes. neck.

You do at least three jobs at once. Is it too much to ask your face cream to do the same? Meta encourages collagen production, softens fine lines and protects the elasticity of the neck.

Bold Blends Inspired by climate-proof ancient plants

Meet the Fab Four

These beauties use nature's most resilient ingredients to tackle hydration, repair, signs of aging, sensitivity, evening, strengthening, protection and more.

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naturally powerful

Ingredients in the raw

Unrefined oils and butters are derived from plant sources without undergoing excessive processing or chemical treatments This means the ingredient remains close to its natural state.

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JustUs Skincare Rainforest Butters and Proprietary Ingredients

younger looking skin

Buriti Oil: "Tree of Life"

Buriti oil is naturally rich in beta-carotene, with 5 times more of it than carrot oil. This robust antioxidant is known for cell renewal and skin elasticity, making it a secret weapon for aging. Its rich, unsaturated fatty acids also help to rebuild and moisturize skin cells at any age.

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younger-looking skin

Our formulations work hard to tackle your biggest skin issues

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I don’t take any B.S. from my skincare

You shouldn't either. I’m the chief alchemist and I labor over these formulations until I see a result on my skin. Because skincare needs to give you more than just glow.

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face. eyes. neck.

3 jobs. 1 cream.

Everything you need lives in this jar. Meta Tx blends the ancient beauty secrets of the Amazon's bacuri butter and buriti oil with classic anti-aging peptides and niacinamide.

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"I absolutely LOVE the smell of all the products in this line and am finally enjoying my skincare routine again!"

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Skincare isn't one size fits all

Sit down with our Chief Alchemist for a consultation about your specific skin issues. We can help.

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Climate-Proof Skincare

Earth's most resilient ingredients

for climate-stressed skin.