Evelyn Meets Brook

Our founders, Brook and Evelyn, have a lot in common. They’re both creatives, dog moms, and believe in ambition without the BS. 

But, above all, the pair believes that skincare products can (and should!) produce genuine results while being a pleasure to use. 

Brook is the author of the memoir, Nothing To Write Home About, and a longtime supporter of domestic violence victims. Evelyn, a veteran of the NYC advertising and PR industry, has long identified as a skincare junkie. 




Evelyn and Brook met where all great connections are made — at a whisky bar! As original Connecticutians and skincare fanatics, the pair quickly bonded. 

After wading through a sea of sub-par skincare products, Brook had already begun to craft plant-based brews with oils, butters, and extracts from around the globe. The goal? To concoct solutions that produce real results for stressed, parched, and aging skin. 

Brook quickly learned that Evelyn, a skincare marketing guru, was the missing piece in the JustUs puzzle. 

Upon trying Brook’s creations, Evelyn ditched the mountain of disappointing skincare products in her cabinet — she was hooked. With the addition of a top-notch chemist, JustUs soon became synonymous with bold, game-changing skincare solutions. 

So, what’s next for Evelyn and Brook? Continuing to experiment, adventure, and create skincare that actually works.


Ingredient + Sourcing Policy

Our products are never tested on animals. They are formulated without artificial colors, parabans, formaldehyde,  petrolatum or ingredients that cause irritation, disrupt hormones or cause cancer. Ingredients are organic where available. Fragrances are either our botanicals, essential oils or scents produced without phthalates.

The vendors with whom we work follow clean farming and/or formulating practices and produce their ingredients or products in as responsible a manner as possible.   

With regard to packaging, all of our materials are as environmentally friendly as available for us to purchase, including our little plastic bags and our bubble wrap.  Our bottles and jars are glass or PET plastic, which means they won’t cause harm. We go to a lot of trouble to find the best materials to work with so you can know that when you open one of our products that there is only goodness inside.