JustUs Skincare is a line of small batch, high performance skincare products inspired by global ingredients and science, combining rich oils, butters and extracts from around the world with proven skin game changers. Each product is artisanally crafted, resulting in high quality complex formulations of plant-based ingredients and actives.

JustUs wasn’t started with the intention of becoming a business. It wasn’t started as an entrepreneur's dream to create a brand. (Quite frankly, it's a category any Shark Tank aficionado would tell you to swim away from). It was started from a simple need -- why, out of the sea of skincare products (and boy is that ocean deep) are there none that work just for us -- that hydrate deeply, that have the ingredients in the jar that it says it does on the label, that makes our skin look and feel amazing? 

So JustUs was born from that. The heart, mind and soul of Brook Dougherty. And a ton of…. love, crafting, brewing, coaxing and what we like to call, a little modern skin alchemy.  Brook tackled online courses for budding chemists and formulators. She learned the science of serums and the art of sourcing the most unique oils, butters and extracts from around the world. 

The idea became a skincare product that solved the needs of men and women everywhere around Brook. The products became a cult favorite at her local dog park. And the passion for the products became big enough that her husband, Jay, told her that she was, to her surprise, running a business. We would like to say, “and from there, the glass slipper fit and they lived happily ever, skincare oligarchs!” but we all know that deciding to run a business is truly just the start of the journey. 

Fortunately, Brook had determination, passion, skincare know how, a whole lot of moxy and a little magic on her side.  She met her skincare soulmate in a place where some of the best relationships start -- a bar with a glass of wine. Evelyn Sprigg, a veteran in the skincare marketing industry, was a not-so-secret skincare junkie who started doling out skincare advice at the age of 14. After meeting Brook and beginning to use the products she did the unthinkable -- she stopped using all the other products that filled her medicine cabinet (and countertop, and dresser top, and buffet table). She was hooked.

And it all started to happen. A top-notch chemist joined the team, and they began to create a product line that would provide “Everything you need for your skin to succeed.” JustUs is in its infancy.  Batches are currently no more than 25-50 at a time. The small-batch products often serve more than a single purpose and are crafted to work hard - just like all of us. When products are out of stock, they do come back. Products are either made by us in Indio, California, or by an FDA-licensed organic lab.  With the exception of a few products that utilize bee’s wax, our products are vegan.  JustUs offers handmade custom blends by request for individual clients. 

So what are the real ingredients to JustUs Skincare?

  • World Oils and Extracts: The best out there. Those that exemplify the science found in nature. Many you may never have heard of. Pracaxi, acai, buriti. Or edelweiss and kakadu plum. Buttery, unforgettable scents, pure luxury. And more of this than you will find in virtually any product on the market. 
  • The Good Stuff: Peptides, hyaluronic acid, enzymes. The ingredients that help change your skin. 
  • The Important Stuff: Environmentally conscious, cruelty free, Rain Forest friendly, unrefined, sustainable farming, and none of the bad stuff. 
  • And those that are a part of any burgeoning business...artisanal attention, passion, a belief in ourselves, our customers and our products, and a deep love of skin everywhere!


A little more about JustUs, Brook and Evelyn…

Author of the memoir, Nothing To Write Home About, Brook supports victims of domestic violence and invites you to reach out with requests for skincare consultations and your own stories. Brook@justusskincare.com. Brook is based in CA with her husband Jay, daughter Alicia and furry child Winnie. 

Evelyn has often penned herself a skincare junkie with a passion for tea, wine and London. An 18 year veteran of the NYC advertising and PR industry, Evelyn can usually be seen taking her dogs -- Penelope and Priscilla -- out for a walk or car ride and in her free time she can be found making/bejeweling handmade friendship bracelets. 

Ingredient + Sourcing Policy

Our products are never tested on animals. They are formulated without artificial colors, parabans, formaldehyde,  petrolatum or ingredients that cause irritation, disrupt hormones or cause cancer. Ingredients are organic where available. Fragrances are either our botanicals, essential oils or scents produced without phthalates.

The vendors with whom we work follow clean farming and/or formulating practices and produce their ingredients or products in as responsible a manner as possible.   

With regard to packaging, all of our materials are as environmentally friendly as available for us to purchase, including our little plastic bags and our bubble wrap.  Our bottles and jars are glass or PET plastic, which means they won’t cause harm. We go to a lot of trouble to find the best materials to work with so you can know that when you open one of our products that there is only goodness inside.