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Earth's Most Resilient Ingredients

To protect your skin in any environment.

Hard-working Skincare Actives

JustUs Skincare starts with ancient botanical ingredients harvested from the Earth's harshest climates.  These we pair with plant actives that have been developed through scientific innovation. 

Our avid experimentation challenges the conventions of traditional skincare.  Our results are powerful blends that help your skin thrive in any environment.

Buriti Oil

born out of the Amazon rainforest

Buriti oil is naturally rich in beta-carotene, with 5 times more of it than carrot oil. This robust antioxidant is known for cell renewal and skin elasticity, making it a secret weapon for aging. Its rich, unsaturated fatty acids also help to rebuild and moisturize skin cells at any age.

Buriti means "tree of life" in Brazil. No wonder it has the innate ability to revitalize sun-damaged skin, protect against free radical damage, and quench our skin cells.

Choose me for anti-aging and cellular repair. Found in Transform. Active Nourishment Gel Serum.

Kakadu Plum Oil Watercolor

Kakadu Plum

born in open woodland across Northern Australia

Kakadu plum extract brings both a high concentration of vitamin C and soothing anti-fungal properties to the table. This fruit’s natural antioxidants get to work quickly by helping the skin flush out toxins. So, while it works for all skin types, it’s most loved by blemish-prone skin.

Choose me for environmental damage, blemishes, and soothing benefits. Found in Deep Hydration. Gel Balm.

Tamanu Oil

originates in Polynesia

Just like its long list of aliases, tamanu has no shortage of benefits. For centuries, people have relied upon tamanu for its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, cell-regenerating, and wound-healing properties. These benefits have been researched and associated with the treatment of acne scars, anti-fungal issues, wrinkles, dryness, eczema, stretch marks, and ingrown hairs. It’s undeniably earned the nickname “green gold”.

Choose me for hydration, anti-aging, healing, and repair. Found in Restore+Repair. Rainforest Oil Serum.


native to vegetation in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest

Murumuru butter, besides being fun to say, is a glorious emollient that absorbs quickly into the skin’s deep layers. It goes the extra mile with hydration, moisturizing even the most temperamental skin all day long. This multi-tasking butter is also antioxidant-rich, antibacterial, anti-allergenic, and extremely gentle on skin.

Choose me for moisture retention and a potent dose of antioxidants. Found in Condition. Rainforest Repair Balm.

Bakuchiol Oil

native to India

Bakuchi has been called upon to tackle tough skin issues from vitiligo to eruptions to eczema and even dermatitis and ringworm. It comes from the seeds and leaves of the plant informally known as babchi. With a key role in ayurvedic medicine, it’s been touted as a natural take on alternative to retinol.

While it’s not a direct retinol substitute, bakuchi has been shown to have soothing, anti-aging, and tone-improving properties.

Choose me for anti-aging and skin toning. Found in Meta. Ultimate Tx Cream.

corn plant watercolor representing sugar based humectants

Sugar-Based Humectant

This plant-derived ingredient has a unique composition that mirrors the carbohydrate complex of the human skin. It’s deeply hydrating with a standout ability to bind to skin cells. Also known as saccharide isomerate, it creates a moisture reservoir that lasts for up to 72 hours. This 100% natural sugar-based humectant provides dynamic, long-lasting moisturizing effects to the skin.

Choose me for hydration and skin barrier protection. Found in Tighten+Glow. Refining Mist.

tetrapeptide molecule watercolor


In essence, peptides serve as the building blocks of the skin’s fundamental protein (think collagen or elastin). In your skincare routine, peptides can lead to firmer, fresher skin.

While peptides come from the body, most that you’ll find in skincare products are synthetically made. But, not all are created equal. One we love is diaminopropionyl tripeptide. This outstanding, newfangled peptide has been shown to prevent UV damage, minimizing the effects of aging by reversing and preventing skin cell damage inflicted by our harsh climates.

Choose me for UV damage repair and anti-aging. Found in Deep Hydration. Gel Balm.

natural eguptian teff watercolor


The natural version of teff originates from a species of grass grown across Ethiopia. Besides being ultra-rich in amino acids, it’s non-GMO and gluten-free. We’ve fallen head over heels for a it's not synthetic, it's a botanical synthetic version of this natural wonder. It employs multifunctional peptides for long-term, age-defying results through collagen stimulation and hyaluronic acid production. Plus, teff helps fortify certain dermal layers for firmer, more elastic skin.

Choose me for anti-aging and skin strengthening. Found in Firm. Tightening Neck Cream.

temple based viper watercolor

Temple Viper-Based Peptide

This synthetic tripeptide mimics the effect of the Temple Viper serpent’s venom (AKA waglerin-1) – with no sting required! It helps reduce the frequency of muscle cell contraction (Botox, anyone?) which helps reduce the appearance of pesky expression lines.

Choose me for firming and tightening. Found in Max Active. Neck+Wrinkle Roller.

watermelon watercolor representing polyphenols


Polyphenols are micronutrients that serve as tenacious antioxidants. They’re found in natural sources including peanuts, mulberry, knotweed, and wine, just to name a few. Synthetically replicated, these innocent-looking powerhouses offer antioxidant and skin-lightening properties. Plus, polyphenols are fast-acting and can produce visible results in a matter of weeks, because who needs patience as a virtue?

Choose me for lightening and brightening. Found in Deep Refining Cream with Retinol + Bakuchiol.