72 Hours in Charleston

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My college girlfriends and I try to take a trip at least once a year. Despite juggling work, families, general life obligations, I would say that we have been pretty successful in finding time and cool locations to visit together. 

We had a short window recently and chose Charleston, South Carolina. It sounds a bit basic -- a girls weekend in what is likely known as the most popular location ever for a girls weekend. 

But, did you know that besides being the destination of groups of friends (often dressed in matching outfits) from around the country, Charleston is one of the oldest cities in the United States? One thing that surprised me was how many similarities I felt with an equally historic city - New Orleans. One of which, of course, is the scorching humidity. 

We tried to hit spring weather - peak season. And the first two days were perfect. But then the heat started to set in. And I was glad that I was prepared with my Tighten+Glow, Restore+Repair, Deep Hydration and my curling iron (to manage the frizz). 

The first thing I noticed was the amazing alley ways and courtyards. It was enough to stop every 5 feet and take a picture... I'll spare you the full roll I have of them...but here are two. 


The city is full of life, rich greenery, such interesting plants. You can see this from the fact that one of their classic tourists destinations is Rainbow Row.

While the city vibrant, busy, filled to the brim with people and overwhelming (in the best way) with an abundance of the most delicious food, what I found in the city was an incredible sense of serenity and peace. 

Quiet moments in the morning with my friends... 



Lazy moments on the docks. Followed by yoga at Grayce Yoga


My favorite thing in the world -- a ferry ride! This one was to historic Fort Sumter


 And beautiful vistas to explore by foot and by kayak. 


But as serene as my mind was, my skin had other feelings. I was thrust from the cool, non-humid mecca of East Coast spring into heat, high UV index, sweatiness and humidity. My recipe for success was to keep it light and easy -- use products that allow the skin to breathe and that offer natural protection against UV. I tried to keep the layering simple, a mist, a gel, an oil. Paired with a large hat, some sunglasses and SPF grade swimwear. 




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  • Charleston was my favorite city in which I lived. Magical!

    Lauren Del Sarto

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