Inside the Alchemist’s Workshop: The Story Behind Our Repair+Protect Routine

Inside the Alchemist’s Workshop: The Story Behind Our Repair+Protect Routine

I’d been itching my neck for a couple of days like my dog doing the scoot when it’s time for her anal glands to be expressed.  When I looked in my magnifying mirror to start my premakeup routine, I saw some red rash thing had invaded my neck and was creeping up my jawline.  It was the night of my friend’s big fundraiser, and I didn’t think my foundation and my rash were going to like each other. 

I raced out to my garage workshop in my bra and Spanx to figure out what I could put together to convince my skin to calm the F down. 

I found the mason jar of a tonic I made for my hair stylist who has the worst eczema ever.  It had every calming botanical known to me and a label on it that said, “Bob’s Itch Spray.”  Today, it’s called Deep Hydration Softening Mist. Then I considered various gels but decided on our old faithful, Transform Serum, because the bartender at my clubhouse had just told me it took the redness out of her skin in a second. Of course it helped her redness, it’s loaded with tara, a botanical hyaluronic acid. Duh.

Next, I looked at my ingredient chart to see what was antifungal, antibacterial, anti-itch, anti-everything that could possibly cause the hideousness that was going on and mixed up a blend of the oils I’ve come to worship. Here’s what I realized. 

There are two places you want to be if you’re going to sprout a weird rash.  Madagascar because you will fall in love with tamanu oil and its healing genius or the Rain Forest because you might discover virgin, unrefined andiroba oil and copaiba balsam oil.

These treasures became part of the mixture now known as Restore+Repair Oil Serum, or as we call it around the workshop, teeny, tiny shaman in a bottle.

Last, I wanted to make sure my foundation had a nice, glidey surface to adhere to so I took the mango cream I made for my friend’s daughter who was dealing with blemishes, and added a tad of oatmeal, green tea, a poquito of zinc and some acetyl

Tetrapeptide-40, which I happened to have on hand to use for another friend who has rosacea.  That combo morphed into Calm Redness Relief Cream

I raced back to my mirror remembering the old saying, “I’d rather arrive late and beautiful then early and ugly,” and went through the steps.  Mist. Serum. Oil. Cream.  My skin was pretty yippy skippy.  The foundation didn’t have much to conceal, and my necklaces rested where they were supposed to without annoying my neck skin. Boom. 

I hope if you have something funky going on with your epidermis, you’ll think of me in my underwear mixing up a bunch of ingredients I desperately hoped would help my skin chill and try this Protect+Repair routine for yourself. 

About the Routine: For skin that seems eternally challenged, whether that is due to blemishes, post-radiation, redness, itching or peeling. This routine has been designed to offer relief.


Supreme Clean. Cleansing Balm (or gentle cleanser of your choice)
Deep Hydration Softening Mist. Spray two-three spritzes and gently pat in.
Transform. Active Nourishment Serum. Apply two pumps and let soak in.
Restore+Repair. Rainforest Oil Serum. Warm 2-3 drops in your palms and gently press on to face.
Calm. Redness Relief Cream. Apply gently and massage into face.

In a Hurry? Restore+Repair + Mist

You may also find Condition. Rainforest Repair Balm. to be helpful at night to add an extra moisture-retention seal.

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