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Skin In The Game - Profit Sharing


Just Us Skin Care produces a line of clean, green, botanically-correct skin care products. Our Skin In The Game program allows us to share our retail profit on selected products with organizations and causes we believe in.

How It Works: We create a product that is dedicated to an organization. (e.g. “Save the Ocean Body Lotion,” is devoted to Heal the Bay in Los Angeles. “Innocence Body Butter Cream” is devoted to the California Innocence Project.”) We create a link to our virtual store and provide the links needed for the organization to share with their community.

The organization receives a monthly check from us for 20%-35% of their product’s retail price.

 What Does It Cost? Nothing. It’s turnkey. We invest in the creation of the product, the packaging and the marketing strategy. We fulfill orders by mail.  We can also provide a pop up at events, and we sell at the Pacific Palisades Farmer’s Market where we identify our give-back organizations and welcome their representatives to participate.

Please reach out to us to explore ways that we may be of service to you. We are very aware of how hard it is to stay afloat and how little time staff has to take on additional work.