Expect the Unexpected in Indio

Brook Dougherty Salton Sea on couch with lotion

We are based in Indio, CA, which is outside of Palm Springs. Most people may not know it. But if I were to say Coachella or Stagecoach, there would be an enthusiastic response and a lot of assumptions. Assumptions like, these two weeks are the only thing that matters around here. It's hot. Its full of crazy festival people. 

To be honest, when Brook and I met she was living in Pacific Palisades and when she told me she was moving to Indio and I had to look it up.... But, over the past couple of years I have had the pleasure of staying in Indio regularly and it is full of surprises. 

Surprise #1: it is hot. Well, that is not a surprise. But confirming. It's super hot at certain points of a year. And dry. And really tough on the skin.  You can wake up feeling like this. (this amazing landscape is the Salton Sea and it is beautiful -- well worth the visit)


In fact, this heat helped us in refining our product offering. And reinforcing why Brook's Fab Four is truly a gold star product line up here. 

Surprise #2: There are many different climates/environments here. In fact, if you take the Palm Springs Tram up the mountain --after a few short minutes of ascent you arrive in what looks like a different planet. With temperature dropping upwards of 50 or more degrees. 


And in the next breath, there are the winds. OH BOY can it be windy.  This was from a early morning hike Karee and I did one morning. The audio on the video was insane....

Surprise #3: Indio has some of the most breathtaking hiking. I think this badlands trail is one of my favorites of all time. And that is saying a lot. I'm an avid hiker. I could do this trail every day. It is full of interesting twists and turns, vistas at every stop and one of the most peaceful, beautiful views. 


And the vista and views have been a huge part of some of our absolute favorite product shoots/shots. With the help of the brilliance of filmmaker Karee Maxson



 A couple of these photos have been featured in the amazing Desert Health News which we adore and is run by the fantastic Lauren Del Sarto


And our recent Amazon launch (yess.... check it out here). It's an unbelievable duo that is nourishes and conditions -- tackling dryness, aging, texture and more. 

Surprise #4: Indio is full of interesting towns, vistas, activities and it is ABOUT TO EXPLODE. Mark our words. The downtown is bringing in new marketplaces, restaurants and supporting interesting business endeavors. And when you drive around you can go to the newest builds (Acrisure Arena - just opened and already home to many icons, teams, and events). Or you can stumble into the most interesting little spots...

In neighboring Palm Desert we have the beautiful Chelsea Nicole who makes magic with our hair... and check out our collab products. 


But mostly I love it because its where we spend time as a team and as a family. It's full of our products, the most amazing scent when you walk into the lab. It's full of ideas. And passion. Cocktails. Lemons. Dogs. And the best people I could have ever imagined to have met. 

So if you haven't heard about Indio, you should look it up and visit sometime. 

When you do... bring some good skincare. 

My desert must-haves?

Cleanser -- Bare. Ultimate hydration, softness and the foundation to soak of all the much needed nutrients. 

Spray - Deep Hydration Softening Mist. Hydration all day. 

Serum -- Transform and Brilliance. Nourishing. Antiaging. Protection and glow. 

Cream - Meta - Because, always meta. 

Balm -- Condition. Maybe a little touch of replenish during the day. 






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  • JustUs skincare has been my salvation in the hot and dry climate for the last 3 years. Love all the products so much!

  • SO WELL DONE. Thank you for boasting about the community we LOVE. And wait til you see the NEW Empire Polo (actual POLO) returning to the desert! A whole different Indio arena. Thanks for the shout out as well, Evelyn. We are HONORED to have JustUs as a part of Desert Health <3


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