From Wine to Water -- Exploring Portugal

Berlengas Fortress

When I told people I was heading to Portugal, nearly everyone said the same thing. The wine (and port) is unbelievable -- and so affordable. So I prepared my liver in advance for this key cultural offering. 

But what I found during the trip is that while the wine is terrific -- it was the water that blew me away time and again. 

I had just recovered from a lost luggage incident in the first leg of my trip (in London) that had left me scraping the meta out of my mini jar for a total body treatment and using condition as a makeshift anti-perspirant.  So I was excited to arrive with my luggage received and fully stocked to handle the Portugal sun. 

We first went to a village where I will eternally mispronounce the name. It's called Talasnal. And honestly, I was blown away.  A village made in the hills. A quiet sanctuary from the busy life. 

And this pool. Water experience number 1. 


I loved how nature inspired the creation of this village. Reminds me of how the plants and our ingredients inspire our products. Nature is powerful. And beautiful. And smart. We all should take a lead from it as often as we can. 


And it inspired a few photo shoots.. Especially for our NEW amazon products (which was still a WIP during this trip). 

Then we went to a special archipelago called Berlangas. And wow. Water so blue it made me extra excited of our special blue duo -- bare and deep hydration mist!


The island itself is reached by ferry and really mainly hosts day visitors to the beach. The only air bnb has 6 rooms. So not many people stay overnight. Because we chose to do the overnight trip, we were able to take a climb up (and back down) the mountain to its pinnacle castle/fortress. A rare event where we had literally no tourists AT ALL in the trip. 


Now -- one thing that I was warned about was that even though it may not feel as hot (we had lovely high 70's weather), the sun is much stronger. And BOY were they right. 

I did my best to stay protected, conditioned, repaired and covered. See proof of swim shirt. 

 But despite that... and keeping out of the sun during the harsh afternoon. I still got a bit burnt. So I set to repair my skin as well as protecting it. 


 So my routine in Portugal? Light. Hydrating. Reparative.

Cleanser: Bare. Oil Cleansing Balm

Mist: Tighten+Glow

Serum: Transform

As Needed: Condition

Have you been? Where do you recommend to visit in Portugal?





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