Transform + Thrive Duo

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A two-product skincare routine that takes on both dehydration and dryness, resulting in plump, glowing, conditioned and totally nourished skin.

The first step is Transform -- a nourishing gel cream including hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and peptides.

You complete it with Thrive, an oil serum full of borage, camellia and bakuchiol. This pair deals with dehydration, lack of conditioning, wrinkles, redness, elasticity and collagen.

Transform Active Nourishment Gel Cream (30mls) is a multi-functional wonder that truly nourishes through its innovative blend of botanical extracts and vitamin C and revives with a potent brew of peptides. Say goodbye to fine lines, sun and pollution damage, redness and hello to a bright and dewy glow. Good for sensitive skin and for those of us who put our skin through the daily ringer.

Thrive Renewing Oil Serum (30mls) is loaded with all of the goodness that the rainforest has to offer. With ingredients that have been revered for centuries - including buriti oil, borage oil and bakuchiol, this lightweight oil serum soothes, renews, repairs, protects and helps in the search for firmer and more glowy skin.

Each product works well on its own. Paired together, they are magical. When you want to get out of the door in a hurry, this is all you need for your face to succeed.

This duo features a gel cream and light-weight, fast absorbing oil serum for daily use on the face; they work as a day and evening complete face care routine or as part of a bigger skincare routine

An innovative blend of botanical extracts such as buriti, borage and bakuchiol oil, Vitamin C, and peptides that are known to repair the skin, reduce fine lines and leave a glowing dewy appearance

Applied morning and night, oil and then serum, skin will feel soothed, tightened, hydrated, smoothed -- the perfect base on its own or under makeup

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All! This is a power duo.